Hola! I can already see that this month or at least the next few weeks are going to be blog posts about things I want to do, places I want...



I can already see that this month or at least the next few weeks are going to be blog posts about things I want to do, places I want to see, and other general lists for this year. I need to get myself one of those listography books, I'm sure it would be right up my street!

As I'm sure you've already guessed by the title, today I wanted to give you a list of things I want to do in 2016. I know I've already done the whole New Year resolution thing but they were very general and now I want to give you a proper list. Lists are a lot more easier to read and I'll probably print it out afterwards to make sure I do the tasks. For some reason, I feel like if I publish this list to the world, I'm more likely to do get it done and I'm normally terrible at procrastinating.

This is a to do list, or bucket list if you like, for 2016. I called them tasks before but they are actually things that I really want to do (in no particular order)! Throughout the year I shall tick off any that get completed so if you're reading this later on in the year you can see my progress!


 - Go to Mexico! (of course this was going to be first, I talk about it all the time! First, however, I need to book it and plan the holiday before I can even begin to pack my clothes!) IT'S BOOKED! Going 7th June!

 - Visit the theatre to see at least three musicals. 2/3

 - Catch up on all TV series' that I have watched. (eg. The Vampire Diaries, Pretty Little Liars, and NCIS LA) I am up to do with The Vampire Diaries, Arrow and Once Upon a Time!

 - Write a book. (I have two started so I will continue with both and hope that I finish at least one)

 - Read at least 60 books. (At least one a week then some other smaller books. Ideally I'd like to read more as I have so many books on my TBR pile!) 1/60 

 - Watch all the Lord of the Rings movies. (I have only ever seen the first one and I fell asleep during that)

 - Start other TV programmes from the start. (Leave any suggestions below) I have started The Flash, Gossip Girl and Shadowhunters!

 - Research and write a play.

 - Get a job somewhere that I find really interesting. (eg. something to do with performance or travel)

 - Go to see at least 10 shows. 2/10 

 - Make time where I look after myself. (Have a nice bath and wear a face mask)

 - Become a blood donor. 

 - Raise money for at least three different charities. I'm currently fundraising for Macmillan Cancer Support, please help me by sponsoring me! https://www.justgiving.com/kiraadrenaline/

 - Enter a fitness obstacle course race-type event like Tough Mudder. I have entered the 5k Adrenaline Rush!

 - Keep my fitness up! I  have joined the gym and have been going regularly!

 - Create my own recipe book full of healthy recipes to try.

 - Experiment with baking.

 - Do some home decorating.

 - Paint and frame my own painting.

 - Start a scrapbook.

 - Attend a craft fair.

 - Make more time for promoting my YouTube channel and blog. Been working hard to promote my blog!

 - Play my piano.

 - Learn Spanish.  I have paid for an online course, babbel, and so far I'm loving it!

 - Learn to play the guitar.

 - Get involved in a dance/theatre school to help out and volunteer. Been in contact with a bunch of theatre companies! Update 2 - I'm a member of Fylde Coast Players!

 - Travel to at least 3 places in England where I have never been before. Been to Essex and spent more time in London!

 - Get all my library books back or renewed before they are due. All library books are back and now our library is closing so I don't think I'll be getting any more out any time soon!

 - Go on 5 cycling routes in the local area.

 - Plan a party.

 - Have a Harry Potter marathon.

That's all I can think of for now. I wrote that like it wasn't a lot but clearly it is. I have all year for this though and I am going to get them all done! I am going to print this out now and then if I somehow think of any others along the way I shall add them on to the bottom in italics so you can see which are the late editions. For certain ones I shall do a whole post about them to give you a bit of an update on how they went on etc.

Wish me luck!
-KC xx

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