Hi! Yet again I'm here to give you a list. To be honest I do actually find these kind of posts interesting to read myself and typing t...

Blogging Goals 2016


Yet again I'm here to give you a list. To be honest I do actually find these kind of posts interesting to read myself and typing this stuff out not only gets it off my chest, but makes me more likely to try achieve it!

Since I have already done a bucket list, and most of those things are more general, I thought I'd do a blogging, YouTubing and general social media goals and things to do. The blogging goals part is more of an update on one of my earlier posts last year.

Blogging Goals

 - Work to receive more comments and more user interaction.
 - Increase my view count.
 - Write some guest posts and get others to guest post on my blog.
 - Do more sponsored posts.
 - Do more reviews.
 - Plan posts ahead of time to give a good range of topics throughout the week.
 - Schedule posts. (I've actually been doing a lot of that recently so good to know I'm working on it!)
 - Set a time to promote my blog and posts.
 - Use my blog to support local businesses.
 - Improve my photography skills.

YouTube Goals

Well, just before Christmas I managed to reach 1000 subscribers which I was extremely pleased about as that was a goal of mine to reach before the end of the year. Considering I haven't posted any videos over the past month because I have found it very difficult to juggle everything that was going on and that I hadn't been posting videos for that long, I think that was a great achievement to make as these days it is very hard for a small YouTube to progress. So, thank you very much to everyone that has subscribed to me! Please do continue subscribing (www.youtube.com/kiralouella)!

 - Reach 3000 subscribers.
 - Get to at least 1000 views on average per video.
 - Produce more varied content.
 - Experiment with filming.
 - Collaborate with other YouTubers. (Ideally this would be with both big and small.)
 - Interview people.
 - Schedule uploads.
 - Make thumbnails before I upload the video.
 - Keep to regular day. (Think I shall be changing this to a Wednesday because of my normal work schedule.)
 - Update my channel art.
 - Watch and comment on other videos more.
 - Set a time to promote my videos and channel.

Social Media Goals

It's kind of sad that I'm setting actual social media. People do always say how much social media affects my generation's lives. It affects my life that much that I'm setting goals for it. In my defence, social media is a great way of self promotion for my blog and YouTube so growing my social media also means growing my views, etc.

 - Reach 1000 followers on instagram.
 - Work to have more interactive followers on instagram. (It's nice when people actually comment on your photos.)
 - Post at least 4 photos a week. (I'm used to doing one a week so it may take some time for me to consistently post 4.)
 - Reach 3000 followers on twitter.
 - Schedule tweets to promote my YouTube and blog more.
 - Follow more accounts similar to mine. (YouTubers and bloggers to help support each other.)
 - Get 1000 likes on my Facebook page.
 - Be active in Facebook groups.
 - Gain more followers on bloglovin'.
 - Gain more followers on Pinterest.
 - Interact with other people more.

I have a lot of work to do to try and achieve these goals. I hope I can find the time. My point is that i need to make time so that's the first thing I'm going to work on. Only a week ago I bought two softbox lights to give me better lighting for my videos. I can now film at any time of day which takes a lot of pressure off me to make sure I get everything done during the day. Hopefully this will help me stick to my chosen video day and I can stop complaining about the lighting being bad! It was safe to say that I was rather excited to finally put it all together!

Do any of you have social media goals? Let me know in the comments below!

- KC xx

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